Dear fellow Georgian

Thank you for visiting our website.  In support of Celebrate 150 we are delighted to provide a discount of 10% to all Georgians and donate £1.50 per bottle to support educational projects and Assisted Places at the school.

Our Wines

We are delighted to introduce you to our range of award winning wines from our vineyard in the South of France, Domaine Saint Hilaire.  We also sell a small selection of other excellent wines from neighbouring vineyards that are unknown outside of France.  Please also visit the website for the vineyard at

How it works

Simply browse our wines from the homepage or the menu above, add them to the basket in the usual way and be sure to enter "Georgian" as a discount code at the checkout stage as this will trigger the donation to St Georges as well as the price reduction.


We are starting to supply our wines to some independent wine shops such as the Surrey Wine Cellar in Chobham.  We can't control the exact prices our distributors choose to sell our wine at, but this website tries to be consistent with our distributors so the Georgian discount should be a genuine discount to the price elsewhere.


We are very proud of our wines and are sure you will enjoy them.  However,  we will happily provide a full refund if you are not entirely happy.

Finally, please email me on if you have any questions or feedback.

Many thanks for supporting this initiative.

Best Wishes

Nick and Lisa Kent